Supervisory Services

Diploma in Supervision - WPF (2003)

I have been offering supervision to counsellors (trainees & experienced accredited practitioners); caring professionals and pastoral / religious workers since 2003.

My integrative theoretical approach offers a mutually respectful and supportive space where we can reflect on and develop the supervisee's own unique way of working.

We engage together in constructive discussion - reviewing, exploring and examining the clients' ways of making sense of their lives. We also focus on the supervisee's relational way of being with them - looking at their own feelings, thoughts, hopes and fears. Feedback and shared insights are a significant part of this valuable supervision process.

Supervision Fees:

I charge £48 per 50-minute hour. Fees are reviewed annually on 1st April.

"Supervision is a very important part of taking care of oneself, staying open to new learning and an
indispensable part of the helper's on-going self-development, self-awareness and
commitment to learning"      Peter Hawkins & Robin Shohet (2006)