My Approach

Counselling approach

There are many different approaches to counselling. I am most comfortable with the Integrative approach where, in order to aid our shared understanding, I make use of a variety of insights drawn from mainstream theoretical perspectives.

The relationship that develops between us is an extremely important part of the process. My hope is that you will feel comfortable, trusting and sufficiently supported for us to explore your concerns together.

As we do this, my hope is that you may then be more able to make the choices and changes necessary to live and create a more satisfying life.

I see my role as helping my clients to help themselves as I support them on their journey. This is a process which takes time and commitment. Many issues can be resolved in short-term work, whilst others may take a little longer. The time that this process takes can be kept under mutual and respectful review.

I hope that you can see that I very much enjoy and believe in the value of my work - especially the reward of watching people find new, constructive, and empowering ways of living.